Filipinos are conservative in nature, thus, rock scene in the Philippines has taken them aback. But since when did Filipinos started to love rock music? Blame it to the West again. It’s when Americans and British bands like, The Shadow and The Ventures flourished way back 1960’s and so, Filipino instrumental bands arose and they just couldn’t stop from loving it since it thrive their sense of dynamism. Among other famous bands during 60’s were, not to mention the British band, The Beatles, this struck the Filipino mainstream and boundlessly influenced Filipino rock scene. Their popularity and use of counterculture has produced a socio-political lyrics with mature comments in life has as well deeply influenced Filipino rock artists. Filipino bands began adopting this music and some groups enhanced their styles by adding unconventional instruments. In the late 60’s the rock culture of bands like Jimmy Hendrix, Led Zeppilin, Ironbutterfly, etc. have greatly influenced Pinoy Rock. With its influence, it produced bands like Maria Cafra Band and the Juan Dela Cruz Band to name a few, in Pinoy rock scene.

The band KJWAN emerged as the winner in the band category of the first IKON Philippines competition.

During early 70’s, Pinoy compositions became more nationalistic and socio-political as well as the use of tagalong, but the emerging of social and political consciousness somehow crept in to the industry with the traditional allied genres that are folk and rock music. Folk musicians included Freddie Aguilar, Asin, Florante. Fredie Aguilar had a debut single, “Anak” and it became known in Asia and Europe. Asin, a folk ethnic band, was the first commercial band to successfully bring a pro-environment song to the airwaves with “Masdan Mo Ang Kapaligiran”. Also famous for providing subtle rebellious and peace messages behind its skilful vocal harmonizing. Mike Hanopol band became famous as well during that time.

In the 80’s Pinoy rock songs became a form of protest against the government especially during EDSA revolution. On the other hand, another brand of punk rock started to develop and so as other brand of Pinoy rock like reggae. Bands during that time were, Cocojam and Bagong Lumad.

Mike Hanopol & Band

When 90’s hit the calendar, a lot of bands sprouted like mushrooms of different genres with different influences. One, band icon during 90’s was The Eraserheads, which to this day regarded as one of the legendary bands. Rivermaya is as well included in the list. Meanwhile, Parokya ni Edgar and Siakol popolarized the Alternative Pinoy Rock.
In the late 90’s metal bands from the west were popularized and this was followed by Pinoy’s version of it like Greyhoundz, Slapshock, and Chicosci.

And now in the year to date, a lot of bands emerged in Manila and in different parts of Philippines especially Cebu adopting different influences as well with their own sound.  Cebu bands are competitive in the local scene and now in Asia like Urbandub. Though bands today is somewhat different from bands during 60’s or 70’s, the lyrics may not be as rebellious or nationalistic as before, still it gives a sound of their own identity.

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